The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss
By Sirisha Pulapaka, DDS
May 22, 2020
Category: Dental Health
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How dental implants from your dentists in Milwaukee, WI, can rebuild your smile

If you are dealing with tooth loss, you already know how it impacts the appearance of your smile and how it can decrease your level of oral health. Fortunately, here at Art of Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI, Dr. Sirisha Pulapaka and Dr. Paul Scholl offer dental implants to give you back your smile—read on to learn more.

Tooth loss and you

Your smile is your greatest asset, and tooth loss greatly impacts it by causing:

  • A loss of self-esteem, because you know you don’t look your best
  • A loss of self-confidence, because you become self-conscious about your appearance
  • An increase in facial sagging, because you are losing bone in your jaw

Your teeth perform a lot of functions that can impact your health. When you have lost teeth, you will experience:

  • A loss of chewing ability, which can impact the type of foods you can enjoy
  • A loss of digestive ability, which can impact your overall health

Fortunately, there are a variety of tooth replacement options for you to choose from including dental appliances, dental bridgework, and dental implants. Consider:

  • Dental appliances, including partial and full dentures. Convenient and removable, dental appliances have provided a great tooth replacement option for decades.
  • Dental bridgework, which consists of prosthetic teeth suspended over the space where the teeth are missing. The bridge is supported on both sides by crowned natural teeth.
  • Dental implants, which are close replacements for your lost teeth, as they provide both natural looks and functionality. They also help to conserve the bone in your jaw, maintaining full facial contours and a firm jawline.

To learn more about excellent tooth replacement options like implants, bridges, or appliances, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Sirisha Pulapaka and Dr. Paul Scholl of Art of Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI, at 414-445-3670.


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