Crown and Bridge


Crowns (commonly referred to as caps) are made to restore your tooth to it's original strength and function after severe caries, fracturing or root canal. They are made of holistic glass ceramics like Lava Plus or e.max.

The tooth is prepared (reduced in size) to accommodate a crown. An impression is taken to make an exact duplicate of the prepared tooth. A temporary crown made of acrylic is placed over your exposed tooth until the permanent crown is ready...about 2 weeks. The crown is then cemented or bonded to your tooth.



Implant retained crowns have replaced bridges as the treatment of choice for missing teeth. However, circumstances still make bridgework the best restorative solution.

Bridges are custom-made to restore the natural look and function of teeth. 

Bridges are sometimes referred to as fixed partial dentures. They are bonded to existing teeth or implants and feel the most like natural teeth. A removable bridge (also called a partial denture) is totally take it out of your mouth to clean it and leave it out overnight.

Like crowns, glass ceramics like Lava Plus and e.max are usually used to make bridgework.

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