Infection Control

Standards and Best Practice

It has always been our office policy to practice prudent infection control. When the HIV / AIDS epidemic occured back in the early 80's, many methods changed. Today our office remains accutely aware of the need for diligence and attention to detail.

Our routine includes thoroughly cleaning and sterylizing all intruments and handpieces used in the mouth. Many products are one time use like gloves, drapes, needles and scalpals. Everything from the chair to countertops are wiped down with a potent disinfectant after each patient.

Rest assured our office keeps the "Bad Bugs" at bay.

Water Quality and Biofilms

Remember the "Water Quality" issues the Cryptosporidium outbreak produced in Milwaukee back in 1993? Because of that, our office stopped using city water in our dental handpieces and syringes. We installed a closed sytem which utilizes filtered bottled water.

The benefit is two-fold. First, we use only filtered water with no chance of contamination. The second is our ability to clean and disinfect all our water lines of "Biofilm", the slime layer that can form inside water pipes. The slime layer is gross but no scientific evidence has linked biofilm with disease. 

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