Would Dental Implants Help Me?

Would Dental Implants Help Me?

Dental Implant Fills Missing ToothDental implants are more common than you may realize. Those beautiful front teeth your neighbor has? They're dental implants. Your sister-in-law's gap-free smile? Dental implants are at work again. If you're missing teeth, explore dental implants from Dr. Paul Scholl at Art of Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI. From evaluation to design to insertion, Dr. Scholl places these dental marvels in qualified patients, improving appearance, oral function and jaw bone density.

Your best smile

Unfortunately, tooth loss leaves a smile gap and starts rapid gum and bone deterioration. Surrounding teeth shift to occupy the space, and bite height and other smile features change almost immediately.

There's hope, however, in the form of the modern dental implant. Inserted singly or in multiples, titanium dental implants support a single-crown prosthetic or even a full or partial denture. Whatever the need, dental implants likely can restore it to full form and function.

Why dental implants work

The key to their success is titanium, a naturally-occurring metal which human bone just loves. When your Milwaukee dentist inserts a titanium dental implant screw into a patient's jaw bone, the bone immediately starts to adhere to it with an exceptionally strong bond. This process is called osseointegration, and it anchors the implant within the bone.

To ensure this integration process succeeds, Dr. Scholl examines implant patients to determine their oral health, systemic health, lifestyle habits (such as smoking) and how dense their jawbones are.

The procedure

If you're a good candidate for a dental implant, expect a comfortable treatment with local anesthetic. The dentist will place the titanium implant device and close the area with sutures.

During the next several weeks, your bone will fuse to the implant. You'll be careful not to bite or chew on it, and when you return to Dr. Scholl's office, he'll open the site and attach an extesnsion post (abutment) and realistic porcelain crown. Then, you can bite, chew, and talk as if nothing ever happened. That's how natural your implant will seem.

Take care of your new tooth

It's no big deal. Just brush twice daily and floss daily to keep the interdental spaces and gum line free of toxic plaque. Also, see Dr. Scholl semi-annually for a cleaning and examination. Finally, if you do smoke, stop as soon as you can as tobacco degrades implant sites.

See us soon

At Art of Dentistry, you can have a great smile once again. For a dental implant consultation, contact the office at (414) 445-3670.

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