How are you keeping patients and staff safe at Art of Dentistry?

 Our staff is taking precautions recommended by the CDC:

  • We screen patients before each appointment, and when they arrive, for symptoms of COVID-19 — such as cough and fever — and postpone if they have symptoms that could indicate they have the virus.
  • We ask patients to use hand sanitizer at the door, then follow up with hand washing using soap and water prior to entering a treatment room.
  • We use each patient's car or a spot outside the office as the waiting room.
  • We have removed items such as toys, books, and magazines from our waiting room.
  • We require masks for patients and anyone with them while in the office area and immediately after procedures and checkups.
  • We have placed a plastic barrier between patients and reception staff.
  • We avoid using powered tools when possible — hygiene has discontinued use of the Cavitron and our hygienists are hand-scaling and utilizing high volume suction.
  • Our dental assistants leave out only the tools needed for each individual patient so other tools cannot potentially become contaminated.
  • We use multiple dental workers in addition to high volume suction when doing aerosol-generating procedures when possible to speed up the visit and minimize exposure.
  • We have installed high-efficiency particulate air filters to improve room filtration, which might, research suggests, reduce transmission of airborne particles of the virus.

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